It is mandatory that a face covering be worn on all public transport.
You can purchase one from our driver if you don’t have one.

120 Timetable – Dunbar to North Berwick,   Bus Tracker 
121 Timetable – Haddington to North Berwick     Bus Tracker    
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130 Timetable – Dunbar Rural     Bus Tracker

No Service 25th / 26th December 1st / 2nd January

CCTV is in operation both visual and verbal on all service buses

Corona Virus 27/05/20  Please read before you travel.     COVID 19 Scottish Government Guidance

Dear All hope you are well and staying safe

All our Bus & Coach fleet are fitted with the Hispacold air purifier system to ensure Virus free air quality onboard, Please see link

Please wear a face covering, use hand Sanitizer pre boarding and leaving the bus. Use contactless payment if possible minimising cash handling. Social distance yourself from our driver and other passengers. The Government advice is to only travel if necessary. Thank you

Please note our 123 Service will be back to NORMAL Tomorrow Thursday 29th July 2021

The Scottish Government advice:

You must wear a face covering when using public transport in order to prevent the transmission of the virus. For children under 5 years of age or those with particular health conditions who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of any physical or mental illness or impairment or disability or without severe distress an exemption applies. There is no requirement to obtain evidence in the form of a letter from a doctor or government that you are exempt. If you have a condition which means you cannot wear a face covering you need only advise if asked that you cannot wear a face covering because you are exempt for one of the reasons listed above.

  Contactless card Payment  live 12th Feb 19

If you have information on any of our services running late please let us know. We are looking forward to being of service and having you onboard

Thank you from all at Eve’s