Myself Gary Scougall Director, our management team, drivers, mechanics and support
staff are all committed to delivering the high standards Eve Coaches stands for. Our
objectives are to always deliver to our customers the professionalism of our entire
organisation’s resources and infrastructure to ensure reliability and the best passenger
experience possible. This strategy is the foundation of our business and our mechanism
for creating growth.






Our aims and goals are to maintain our excellent working relationship with all our
customer and continue to play a major part in the provision of Bus and Coach services
our community depend on. Maintain our local highly trained and skilled work force and
continue to create employment opportunities in the future.

I have run Eve Coaches since 1980 along with the support of all our team, a few have a
similar length of service to myself. We have always adapted to changes through the
demands of our industry embrace new technology and committed to preserving the
environmental impact our business has on natural resources. Always reinvesting in the
most eco friendly vehicles and systems to deliver the highest standards to all our
customers and the community we serve.

Year on year we as a team have slowly grew the business to meet the demands of the
areas we serve. As a company we have never made a loss in any year of trading and
through the commitment of our team we have generated healthy profit margins .

I sincerely hope we have delivered a credible representation of our commitment and
capability through this award process. I as managing director of Eve Coaches am proud
of our business and what we have delivered to our customers for over 36 Years.

Thank you for giving Eve Coaches your consideration and can give my personal
assurance we always deliver on promise.