Our drivers have all received training on all aspects of their duties including walk round checks, vehicle familiarisation, emergency and incident training procedures, safe driving, risk assessment and hazard perception, we carry out random hazard perception computer tests from time to time and this practice generates a greater awareness to road safety and minimizes complacency.

It is always reinforced to our drivers that safe and courteous driving delivers the best passengers experience this includes not driving off until all passengers are seated, observing bell requests to stop, smooth acceleration / braking and the avoidance of sudden manoeuvres.

As a matter of course we have quarterly briefings on all routes and the challenges they present, performance development reviews and passenger disability awareness training sessions.

All drivers before operating any work would perform driving and route training giving us the opportunity to assess and improve their safe, courteous and efficient driving ability, this also gives our driver the opportunity to observe the route for hazards, i.e. poor road conditions, low branches, sharp bends, blind spots, traffic congestion and safe stopping places and bus stop familiarisation.

Safe and fuel efficient driving is paramount at all times. This is further dependent on route design and timings. It is imperative that we carry out a dry run on all proposed timetables prior to registration to ensure that the times can be achieved within the timetable structure and drivers hours compliance. There has been the introduction of 20mph speed restrictions of which we support, however the impact of those must be considered when operating proposed timetables. The entire passenger experience is dependent on being able to manage the operation of a timetable reliably, consistently and without the need to always be driving to make up time.

Our current Euro 5 Optare Solo vehicles are fitted with an Actia interactive fuel efficient drivers dash/module this gives a driver a relative live visual score on fuel efficient driving as he proceeds and an overall score of his daily duty. This information is downloaded and any vehicle with a low or irregular fuel efficient score would be inspected for defects subject to no defects being found we would call the driver in for a fuel efficient driving assessment and give retraining where required.

It is our commitment to integrate the Wrightbus Streetlite Micro Hybrid bus to all routes going forward. This vehicle is the lowest carbon emission bus of its class and would qualify for the LCEB certification giving a 14p per km rebate under current legislation.

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