Emergency Response Procedures and Information

In the event of an accident

  1. Establish if anyone is injured Yes/No.
  2. If yes contact Emergency Services on 999 – If able.
  3. Contact Office on 01368 865500 or 07836 710081.
  4. Give location and as much information as you are able.
  5. Contain all passengers and yourself in a place of safety.
  6. Wearing High Vis provided direct traffic flow if able.
  7. Make yourself known to the Emergency Services on their arrival.
  8. Follow their instruction thereafter.
  9. Document information as appropriate including photographs if considered relevant – if able.

In the event of a minor incident you can exchange details with a third party giving the Company Name and Address as Follows : Eve Coaches Ltd, Spott Road Dunbar EH42 1RS contact 01368 865500.  Insurance details will be provided by request.

In The Event of an Operational Breakdown

  1. Contact office on 01368 865500 request support.
  2. Out of hours phone 07836 710081 (Gary) or 07974 088914 (Sue).
  3. Mechanical Support 07714 769 896 (Kevin) or 07836 710081 (Gary).
  4. Ensure any passengers are fully informed of the situation.
  5. If passengers are in danger remaining on the vehicle escort them to a place of safety.
  6. Ensure all emergency hazard warning lights and if available warning triangles are displayed.
  7. Follow any instruction given to you from our administration or emergency road traffic attending a vehicle whilst stranded on the carriageway.
  8. Remain calm and professional and assist anyone with special needs or disabilities first.
  9. Document incident relative to driving time and any other information you consider appropriate, including photographs if considered relevant.