We have one of the best in house maintenance facilities equipped with vehicle lifts, maintenance pits, all tools and specialised equipment to maintain our modern fleet. We have a clean workshop policy always ensuring to practice safe working procedures. This includes body and paint work facilities and expertise, this is complimented with two highly skilled mechanics with 30 years of experience in the maintenance of passenger transport. We carry out as routine 4 weekly inspections and fortnightly wheel torques. We further compliment our maintenance with the required software computer packages to assist with vehicle management systems and fault finding.

We have a large selection of service and fast moving parts minimising vehicle down time. Our Optare Solo’s are fitted with the Actia Diagnostics system that is linked to our maintenance computer and should a vehicle develop a fault it would automatically send information to our base highlighting the concern even at times before the driver became aware. This gives us the opportunity to address any issues at the earliest opportunity and if in the event of a roadside failure we know what we are attending and take any relative parts.

We also commit to a spare vehicle always prepared and ready to go to support roadside eventualities and our maintenance programme.

Maintenance records are detailed and kept for the life of the vehicle in our ownership and for a period of six months when sold.

We have committed to using one of the best known tyre brands in the world – Michelin tyres giving us exceptional reliability, safety and full life use as Michelin always recover our casings giving us a casing credit to put towards our new tyres, Michelin then remould the casings making them one of the most environmentally friendly tyre manufacturers.

We maintain the cleanliness through our state of the art Washtech drive through Bus & Coach wash, an investment of £45,000. This highly advanced unit recycles the water for future use and is the most environmentally friendly vehicle wash systems on the market capable of washing a vehicle in three and a half minutes. Our top up water is gathered from the Office and workshop roof rainwater catchment system and stored in a underground 20,000 litre tank through gravity filters. Our drivers fulfill the duty of internal cleaning and dispose of all waste through our recycling systems. We always use biodegradable chemicals.

Before any vehicle departs for duty our drivers carry out a detailed and documented walk round safety check this provides a double check on all general items visible to the driver. In the event of any defects being found and reported they would be rectified prior to a vehicle departing for service.

We have a fully equipped roadside support vehicle complete with high vis emergency lighting including traffic management, this is equipped with compressor, generator, air, power and hand tools, jacking systems, oils, fuel and spill hound for any contaminates on the carriageway as a result of an incident.

No service operates without backup support from maintenance and duty management at any time. Out of office hours cover has access to all vehicle tracking and management systems.

All maintenance staff fulfill training on all aspects of their duties including keeping up to date with the demands of new technology in the micro hybrid low carbon vehicles. We always evaluate the environmental impact our vehicles impose on our diminishing natural resources and always aim to acquire the most reliable Eco friendly vehicles that the industry has to offer minimise the impact on our environment.