Corporate identity is extremely important to us. We only get one chance to make a first impression.

Our drivers, staff and maintenance team are all provided with uniforms and appropriate safety clothing and work wear subject to the duties they perform.

Our driver uniform corporate identity demonstrates professionalism and gives reassurance to our customers of this.

Our drivers uniforms consist of:

  • Blue shirts with our logo on right breast and left sleeve
  • Navy pullover with logo as above
  • Corporate designed tie with logo
  • Grey trousers
  • Navy summer/winter jackets logo as above
  • Black doctor martin soft sole boots.

All vehicles have high vis vests appropriately stored in them. This facility would make our drivers more visible in the event of a roadside incident if they were required to leave the vehicle to assist in traffic management or customers to a place of safety.

Our maintenance team:

  • Red polo shirts with logo right breast and left sleeve
  • Dickie workwear trousers
  • Dickie high vis boiler suits and steel toe capped/slip resistant soled boots.
  • High vis vest/jacket complete with a standard corporate logo jacket as drivers.

In the event of an operational roadside situation all drivers and support staff are committed to wearing our safety clothing provided.

All uniforms allocation is refreshed yearly and as and when required subject to wear and tear. All employees leaving our employment are required to return all corporate work wear to be destroyed.

No employee is permitted to socialise whilst wearing corporate work wear.

Our supplier PPE work wear based at Loanhead and have supplied our corporate work wear needs for over 10 years. They have a driver size profile on file, as we have for easy reordering of garments.