We have the experience of providing passenger transport for a period of over 35 years. Gary Scougall Managing Director has been in charge of operations and the day to day management of the business for this duration and has in his name a standard international certificate of professional competence in conjunction with an operator’s licence entitlement for 20 vehicles.

Our office is managed by Susan Peters, 30 years with the Company supported with 2 fully trained competent personnel dealing with the day to day administration of the overall business through a distinctive systems network computer system dedicated to the requirements of passenger transport. Our system processes customer, private and contractual arrangements, the allocation of drivers duties and scheduling of vehicles, drivers work tickets, invoicing through to documenting all customer concerns or complaints.

Within our administration we have trained and qualified personnel that manage our computer database including back office ticketing system, website design and updates along with keeping abreast with our social media.

Our requirement for drivers hours and monitoring is delivered through our Optac digital tachocard downloading facility that uploads all drivers activity and is constantly managed by our administration for infringements. We manage all our rural services using domestic drivers hours regulations and manage this through our route design and allocation and duty computer programme.

Our computer systems include links to our vehicle live tracking in conjunction with CCTV monitoring in all our vehicles enhancing driver and passenger safety.

We have a compliment of 25 dedicated drivers and support staff most of which live and have families in our community. All drivers and staff are highly skilled in all aspects of our business and the community they have served for many years having completed and in possession of CPC , PVG and TRG training certificates. All personnel complete 45 hrs of training in all aspects of their required duties, this includes health & safety, customer care, working with young and vulnerable people, driving standards including eco-friendly driving, the environmental impact of our business and how to minimise waste and recycling of consumables.

All maintenance is completed in house with 2 fully qualified engineers, comprising of around 50 years experience between them in passenger transport maintenance. They have been trained on computer software systems that analyse fault finding and vehicle defects complimented with engineering and coach building expertise.

Quality management is uppermost in our organisation, we work as a team with everyone demonstrating dedication, commitment and a duty of care to the business, customers and its impact in the community. We have operated a number of rural services in our community on behalf of our local authority for a period exceeding 20 years in that time we
have developed and improved our skills, training, understanding of passengers needs and delivery of what we would consider one of the best, professional and committed public service operators East Lothian Council have worked with.

Route design, frequency and timings are extremely important when delivering rural services throughout our community, our experience and regular monitoring of routes we currently operate, Route 120, 121, 123, & 130, gives us a great knowledge of passenger movements within those routes. We have spent a great deal of time refining route design and times in an attempt to establish what passengers want. The entire passenger experience is dependent on being able to manage an operation of a timetable reliably, consistently and without the need to always be driving to make up time. This is why in our experience we always conduct dry route appraisals and timings prior to any registration.

We would always work extremely close with our local authority on any route adjustments and timings through this process. It is extremely important not to over populate service frequencies in areas with limited demand, we consider this to be an extravagance on environmental resources and funding support.

We continually aim to reinvest in the most modern, eco friendly vehicles and improve all standards throughout our business where possible. This can only be achieved by our company generating profit enabling us to maintain , reinvest in new technologies and training programmes. We meticulously carry out financial analyses of each and every route prior to formulating a sustainable price. This process has proved credible to the point we have never failed to deliver any contract our Company has ever undertaken.

The overall focus of our business is to deliver the most professional customer experience with minimum impact on our environment.