Looking after our customers and delivering the best passengers experience is something we take great pride in. We as a company and our drivers are in no doubt that our customers are what makes pay days possible.

Customer care forms a large part of our drivers CPC training this coincided with our driver assessments and training procedures combined with our quarterly drivers briefings, performance development reviews and passenger disability awareness training all drivers are required to sit.

The frequency of those briefings often highlight certain individuals with special needs as regular users on specific routes allowing us to highlight to the drivers to look out for those passengers and be better aware of any extra assistance they may need. We as a company and our drivers understand that disability awareness is a large part of our duty of care and that everyone has a right to feel valued and equal irrespective of their abilities and in particular when using public services.

Disabilities are often difficult to recognise, however our training programs provides the drivers with the experience to demonstrate diplomacy and respect. Our drivers are always taught to go close to the kerb for ease of boarding or alighting and use appropriate ramps when required. Ensuring that all wheelchair users are firmly secured in the wheel chair bay prior to moving off and allowing extra time for the elder and partially sighted/blind to board tor alight. Patience and understanding is essential.

All our drivers and staff have completed with East Lothian Council TRG training and in possession of their certification valid to 2017. This qualification and training further highlights our observations to vulnerable people in the community. This experience can bring to the drivers attention individuals that demonstrate signs of neglect or abuse and managed properly can be the lifeline of support they very much need. Drivers are trained to be discreet and to translate any concerns observed through to our administration staff. This information would be documented and passed on to the appropriate supporting authority.

Other parts of our customer care criteria and training is to make sure customers have good access to good and accurate information. This forms a integral part of their ability to use public transport effectively. We provide this in a number of different ways.

Our drivers being trained on good communication skills with our passengers is essential giving them good and accurate information about the route and always assisting in a pleasant, helpful and courteous manor.

The distribution of paper high quality timetables available onboard our bus or by request.

Distribute to all bus stops on the appropriate routes accurate and up to date timetable and other relevant information i.e. company contact details and Travel Line information. This information must be of a print size that considers the visually impaired.

Our company website has all route and timetable information also allowing us a greater flexibility to inform passengers of delays, route changes, diversions and other disruptions to the service. We have out of office hours duty manager contact information on our answer phone, website and social media