Olive Muir

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I would just like to let you know of the kindness shown to me this morning it’s a bit of a story which shows the total kindness of Dunbar business.

My husband was hit by Eves bus on Saturday morning not his fault , I telephoned Gary Scougal and couldn’t be more helpful just get the car repaired and send me the bill . Then went to Alan at J&A Coachworks who also so helpful and recommended I go to Body Shop at Spott industrial estate for estimate. I did this and I am sorry I didn’t get the mans name who immediately asked me to take it into his work shop polished and touched up all paintwork including a few scratches I had made.

When I asked for the bill he said no charge only took him 10-15 minutes.

I thank all three businesses for their total understanding and kindness . Eve’s Buses, J& A Coachworks and The Bodyshop

Thank you all much appreciated .