We the bus company will ensure:

  • That all drivers and their legal entitlement to drive a passenger carrying vehicle have been fully checked and approved.
  • All vehicles in operation are in full compliance with all passenger carrying regulations and standards including a full maintenance history.
  • Fares are easy to understand and easily available before boarding
  • Timetables and route maps are up to date, clear and easily available
  • For less frequent services, timetables are displayed in buses and are available from drivers on request
  • Drivers are courteous, helpful and professional
  • Buses are accessible and drivers trained to offer reasonable assistance to those who need it
  • Buses are clean, comfortable and reliable
  • Feedback procedures are publicised on company timetables and websites
  • For ‘hail and ride’ services passengers will be picked up or dropped off where it is safe to do so


Passengers will:

  • Be courteous to the driver and to other passengers
  • Take litter home, not leave it on the bus
  • Respect the bus stop structures and environment
  • Adhere to the driver’s requests and instructions
  • Refrain from distracting the driver when the bus is moving.